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Vienna Bronze Fig parrots

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Artist: Franz Bergman 1861-1936

A fine and large Vienna Bronze group of Fig parrots on the leaf of a castor oil plant. Produced at the Bergman workshops and marked GESCHUTZT with the model number. Vienna circa 1890.

Franz Bergmann is often incorrectly described as a sculptor which he was not; he was a foundry owner. His workshops employed, on a temporary basis, many anonymous sculptors, amongst them Bruno Zach who employed Bergmann to edit and cast some of his works. At the turn of the 19th century there were about fifty workshops producing Vienna bronzes.

'Cold-painted bronze' refers to pieces cast in Vienna and then decorated using several layers of so-called dust paint; the know-how for the mix of this kind of paint has since been lost. The color was not fired hence 'cold painted'. This painting was carried out mainly by women working at home, a typical cottage industry.


15 inches long.

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£ 4500

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