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Moonlight Cane

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A substantial Irish walking cane, twisted holly with silver coloured metal cap and eyelets terminating with the original brass and steel tipped ferule, engraved to the cap 'Oh, meet me by the moonlight alone'.

Was this cane once owned by J. Augustine Wade? An Irish composer of the popular song Meet Me by the Moonlight, first published around 1812. The song made its way to America where it became known as the Prisoner's Song, copyrighted by Vernon Dalhart in 1924 in the name of Dalhart's cousin Guy Massey, who had sung it while staying at Dalhart's home and had in turn heard it from his brother Robert Massey, who may have heard it while serving time in prison."The Prisoner's Song" was one of the best-selling songs of the 1920s, particularly in the recording by Vernon Dalhart. It was later performed by many others including Hank Snow, Bill Monroe,  Brenda Lee and the Carter Family.

Irish circa 1810.

38 inches long.


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