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Newton's New & Improved Terrestrial Globe

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A 3 inch 'Newton's New & Improved Terrestrial Pocket Globe, No. 66 Chancery Lane, London', made up of twelve engraved and hand coloured gores on a plaster-covered sphere, with continents shaded and outlined green, red and yellow, the oceans showing Cook's tracks of 1773-4 and tracks Northward in 1778, with Equatorial graduated in degrees, Ecliptic in days of the month and zodiacal signs, Analemma and explanation.

Nb.'The Improv'd Analemma is intended to supercede the necessity of the Ecliptic Line hitherto unnecessarily shown upon the Terrestrial Globe. Pub. Jan 1st. 1817', with lacquered-brass polar hour ring and engraved meridian circle, in a shagreen-covered case with three hook-clasps, red rims, paper horizon ring and upper hemisphere with calender and celestial sky in twelve gores. In original condition with slight abrasions.


English circa 1820.


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£ 9250

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