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A Complete Set of Bronze Measures

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A complete set of Victorian bronze measures; Imperial Half Gill, Imperial Gill, Imperial Half Pint, Imperial Pint, Imperial Quart, Imperial Half Gallon, Imperial Gallon, Imperial Peck, Imperial Half Bushel and the largest, the Imperial Bushel. Held by the Corporation of Wolverhampton and used to calibrate the check measures of their officers. Amongst the many verification stamps is engraved the makers details, De Grave, Short & Fanner, London and the date 1858. The set retains an excellent and original bronze patination and a full set of glass strikes.

English, dated 1858.The dimensions of the bushel, 19.75 inches diameter, (excluding the handles), x 8 7/8th inches high.

Item Code: 1956

£ 16500

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