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The Bombardment of Flushing

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The bombardment of Flushing was a sea battle in the Walcheren Campaign, an unsuccessful British expedition to the Netherlands in 1809 intended to open another front in the Austrian Empire's struggle with France during the War of the Fifth Coalition. The primary aim of the campaign was to destroy the French fleet in Flushing whilst providing a diversion for the hard-pressed Austrians. However, the Battle of Wagram had already occurred before the start of the campaign and the Austrians had effectively already lost the war. This work 'An Exact Representation of the Bombardment of Flushing' etc; etc;.

A reverse painted mezzotint published by P Dawe August 28th 1809, and within a period Hogarth frame.

w:16 in x h:12 in

Item Code: 1927

£ 485

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