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A Place in the Sun by Herbert Dicksee

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A Place in the Sun, etching on vellum, published by Frost and Reed in 1924. Signed artist's proof within the original plum-stained frame, (replaced mount and gilt slip).

Plate mark 22.25 in x 14.25 in 

Overall dimensions 24.5 in x 32 in.


Herbert Dicksee, 1862-1942, was best known for his etchings. His work was very detailed, and in addition to dogs, he established quite a reputation for his depiction of big game animals such as lions, tigers and polar bears. He came from a family of animal artists; son of Sir Frank Dicksee, his brother the President of the Royal Academy. Influenced by the animal and sporting artist, John Charlton (1849-1917), Dicksee entered the Slade School of Fine Arts when he was sixteen and at once began to do etchings.
Dicksee first worked for the "Art Journal" and the "Portfolio" magazines. He spent a great deal of his time at zoological gardens and published a number of etchings of wild animals in typical poses, as well as a number of studies of dogs. They were published by Frost and Reed, The Fine Art Society and Arthur Tooth. He was a meticulous craftsman, who preferred to render pet dogs in domestic situations.
Dicksee exhibited 97 paintings at the Royal Academy between 1885 and 1933, several known to be of dogs. He also showed at the Fine Art Society. In 1885 he was elected Royal Etcher. He also became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painters and Etchers.


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